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Welcome Homeschool Families

customize your child's education through partnership with the BVA community

learning transformed.


We are excited to support and encourage the early education homeschool community through education partnership and co-op opportunities. Bear Valley Academy is dedicated to families who are choosing to customize their child's education by offering Monthly Enrichment Options and Primary Partnerships.


Our Monthly Enrichment Options, for students age 3 to 7,  are hosted by teachers who are excited about the enrichment topic they are teaching! Students enjoy a two hour class filled with inquiry based learning, hands-on activities, snacks, and play time. These classes can be registered for a la carte. 


We believe that each child learns differently and that all learning builds through relationships. Through our Primary Partnerships students can be a meaningful part of an collaborative environment with dedicated staff, individualized learning and opportunities to build close bonds with their peers and teachers. Because we understand the value of time spent with our children and the importance of a strong home base, our primary programs are offered Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 2:30 during the school year.

friends. faith. partnership. 

1st Grade Partnership

Kindergarten Partnership

Monthly enrichment options

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