5-6 Years

Kindergarten has changed a lot – expectations are higher and more is required of children at a younger age. Teachers are increasingly focused on literacy and math skills in order to prepare students for standardized testing in the future. While these skills are important, this leaves less time for the attention and experiences each child needs for social, emotional and creative development. Our Kindergarten program is prepared for these academic and social challenges by providing an enriched, Reggio Emilia inspired, learning environment. 

Small Classes

Research shows that smaller class sizes have a lasting benefit for children in all academic areas. This is directly attributed to teachers having means to tailor their instructional methods to suit each child’s individual needs. Given our low student-teacher ratio, 14 students, we are able to provide a more personal environment where students can benefit from this individual attention. Your child will have more opportunities to build strong oral-language and critical thinking skills through quality time spent with their teacher. 



Our teachers follow curriculum standards set by the Texas Education Agency for public schools, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten. By using these standards as a guideline to build upon we are introducing the concepts and teaching methods that our students will continue to face in their academic careers. Our curriculum is written by the teachers who are involved in the daily learning of the students. This allows the Kindergarten teacher to provide activities that evolve with your child's learning so they are continuously growing and exploring, never stagnant. This style of teaching will prepare your child for the next level of their academic career. 


We also participate in several extra-curricular classes each week to build upon what is taught in our classroom: Chapel, Music & Movement, Spanish, and Friends & Feelings. You may also choose to sign your child up for our well-loved Reading Buddies program.



Education is constantly evolving. As such, it is imperative that our teachers have strong educational backgrounds and experience to match. The lead teacher in our program holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Texas Woman's University and has many years experience running a successful classroom. The role of parents in their child’s education is just as important as their teachers. Encouraging, caring and consistent learning at home translates to great success in the classroom. 



A Kindergarten classroom should be a place where students enjoy learning. Although the fun in the classroom is enhanced with lots of hands-on experiences, guessing and observing with experiments, invaluable one-on-one time with teachers, and large group time, creative free play can be extremely rewarding both academically and socially. Children use higher vocabulary, more variety of sentence structure, and higher levels of conversation during imaginative play. We use open-ended play and exploration to create a balanced academic and developmental learning environment. Your child will love to learn!

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8:45 to 2:15

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In the words of our families:

"Taryn has attended this school since she was 2 years old! She is in Kindergarten now and I can’t begin to tell you how blessed we are to have her in such loving environment! She will be well prepared for first grade next year. Ms. Michelle and the staff are excellent at education and fun! The bonus of Kindergarten here is a smaller classroom, closer bonds with their amazing teacher, friends, and a Christian-based environment! Taryn looks forward to school every day. She is  advancing in her education well past our expectations. Staff members truly care about their students, and are almost like family! This school is a real GEM!"
-Earnest & Karen Bernard

"​The Kindergarten program at BVA has been a fabulous experience for our family! My son has excelled in all aspects of learning and development. I believe this is largely due to the small classroom ratio and having wonderful teacher, who is dedicated to the growth and well being of my child.  I am so thankful for this school and hope that many more children take advantage of this opportunity."
-The Paris Family

Our daughter, Malin, began attending Bear Valley Academy when she was two years old. She is now five years old and will be in Kindergarten at Bear Valley next year. We couldn’t be more excited! Every teacher knows her by name; and ever day, Malin is anxious to go to school to learn, explore, and play with her friends. The staff at Bear Valley is beyond wonderful. They are enthusiastic, loving and show a true passion for educating and developing the students. We are so blessed to have discovered BVA. It is a gift to have found an affordable pre-school and kindergarten that also boasts a great curriculum and after school programs (I.e. art, STEM, yoga, and more)! I wish our daughter could attend Bear Valley through senior year!