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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I've toured the school and I would like to enroll my child. How do I start? 


A: To hold your child's spot in our program we need an Enrollment Application and their Supply and Registration fees. Learn more about this here.


Q: I paid my Supply and Registration fee and school hasn't started yet, but our situation has changed and we have to un-enroll. Can I get the payment back? 


A: We understand that life happens and situations change and we always hate to see families go, but the one time Supply and Registration fee is non-refundable. 


Q: The classroom I would like to enroll my child in is full. How can I place them on the waiting list? 


A: Because we keep our student-to-teacher ratios low to provide the best care, our classes fill up fast! But it is common to pull from our waiting list because sometimes a family's situation will change unexpectedly. The easiest way to get your child on the waiting list is to complete the form here.


Q: When do tuition payments begin, and how does it work? 


A: Yearly tuition can be paid all at one time, with a 3% discount, or broken into 10 monthly payments, starting in August and continuing through May. If you choose the monthly plan the schedule is the same regardless of start and end dates for the school year. Read more about tuition rates here. Our school uses Procare (formerly Kinderlime) for parent communication as well as tuition billing. Once you have enrolled in Procare you will receive an electronic invoice at the beginning of each month. You may choose to pay electronically through Procare, which includes a convenience fee, or by check at the school. 

Q: How does registration for the optional Enrichment Programs work?


A: Registration for the optional Enrichment Programs is opened monthly and can be completed through our website here. Cost for the programs vary.


Q: My child has a severe food allergy. How will this be handled?


A: ​We are a peanut-free school. No peanuts or peanut products will ever be served on our campus. Read more about how we handle severe allergies and what we require here. While we would love to be a completely allergen and intolerance friendly school, we cannot guarantee an environment of that nature. We will work with all our families in a reasonable way to monitor your child's diet while at school. 

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