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2021-2022 Registration is now open!

Please call the school at 817-918-4972 to check class and schedule availability before registering.

Admission and class placement is subject to availability. Please call with any questions
about the registration process.


Join our Bear Valley Academy community in 4 simple steps:

1. Call to confirm availability 

2. Complete Enrollment Application (Step 1) & make fees payment

3. Complete Admission Form upon acceptance from school administration

4. Submit required Student Information

Complete Enrollment Application & Payment

*2021-2022 Enrollment begins in February 2021

Complete Admission Form

*Available now for currently enrolled students

Step 3

The following documents MUST be on file with the school one week prior to the student's first day:


"I absolutely adore, trust and admire the entire staff at Bear Valley Academy. I adore this school because they truly care about the kids like they were their own. I trust this school because there is always one to two staff members present when you arrive and leave. You must know the correct information for them to release your child and they hold everybody accountable even sweet grandparents. 😊 I admire this school because you are not paying for a babysitter, you are paying for an education and that is exactly what you get. The schedule is packed with fun, education and most of all a lot of love! I am thankful a friend recommended this school to me."

​-The Robb Family