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Pre-K Green

4 Years

At Bear Valley Academy we believe that every child should have the opportunity to excel and be challenged in the class they are in. Our four-day Pre-Kindergarten program accommodates children who are years-old and entering Kindergarten the 

following year. We have two large group times and two one-to-one times during our day so our students can feel comfortable working with others and on their own. 


In our Pre-K classrooms we know that pre-reading, writing and number recognition are all important aspects of learning to prepare your child for Kindergarten. We also understand that social skills are very important to success in school. In our daily activities we promote leadership skills and problem solving to our students through a inquiry-led curriculum, classroom jobs and responsibilities and plenty of student-led social interaction. By the end of the year our students are able to carry out many responsibilities of the classroom with ease and excitement. We have found that by allowing the children to work and lead in the class they build self-confidence and a love for school!

We imagine at the home center!

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Our Schedule:


9:00 to 2:00

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