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Waiting List


I'm ready to enroll, but I've called and my chosen program is full. What now?

Complete the form to place your child on the waiting list! 

Waiting List Submission Form - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Bear Valley Academy guarantee my child a spot when I place them on the waiting list?


A: Since we have low teacher to student ratios to keep our classrooms focused on learning and growing, our rooms often fill fast. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee rosters will change, but it is very typical, especially before school starts, for rosters to change and for us to call from our waiting list. 


Q: I've completed the waiting list form for my child, now what?


A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail. If a spot becomes available we will call starting at the top of our list. Each family has 24 hours to respond if they would like the spot. If there is no response within the 24 hour window we will call the next on the list.


Q: How long will my child be on the waiting list? Will I have to resubmit?


A: We will keep our waiting list active throughout the entire school year. We will fill spots that become available at any point during the year. 

"I can hardly find the words to express how incredible Bear Valley Academy has been for the development and enrichment of my 2 boys! They are 2 and 4, and have been attending since they were each about 12 months old. My boys look forward to going to school more than anyplace else, and I love the peace of mind I get knowing they are having a blast while getting an education. The teachers are all amazing and I admire them all for the amazing job they perform! Thank you so much for your dedication to excellence!"

 -The Gandy Family  

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