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Transitional Kindergarten
4-5 Years

Our Transitional Kindergarten program gives children who are 5 years old by November 30th an extra year to develop confidence, strong social skills, and successfully transition into Kindergarten. Bear Valley Academy's program is hands-on, center-based learning. The TK program builds upon concepts learned in Preschool while students are exposed to all learning objectives of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). With our small class-size (1:14), our highly-qualified teacher is able to individualize instruction and work towards Kindergarten goals. For many students, the "gift of time" can create a positive outlook on learning that is essential for a life-long love of learning.

We also participate in several Enrichment classes each week to build upon what is taught in our classroom: Chapel, Music & Movement,
Spanish, STEAM, and Friends & Feelings.


You may also choose to sign your child up for our well-loved Reading Buddies program.


Small Classes

Research shows that smaller class sizes have a lasting benefit for children in all academic areas. This is directly attributed to teachers having means to tailor their instructional methods to suit each child’s individual needs. Given our low student-teacher ratio, 14 students, we are able to provide a more personal environment where students can benefit from this individual attention. Your child will have more opportunities to build strong oral-language and critical thinking skills through quality time spent with their teacher. 



A classroom should be a place where students enjoy learning. While the TK learning environment is filled with many hands-on experiences such as observing and predicting with experiments, and both small and large group time - focus is also put on creative free-play. Open ended free-play is proven to be rewarding both academically and socially. Children use higher vocabulary, more variety of sentence structure, and higher levels of conversation during imaginative play. We use open-ended play and exploration to create a balanced academic and developmental learning environment.

Circle Time!
We are great friends!
Reading is awesome!
We love learning!
We learn in all kinds of ways!
Science time!

Ready to join the fun?

Our Schedule:


9:00am - 2:00pm

Happy smiling boy in glasses with thumb up is going to school for the first time. Child wi


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